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Tentsile Tree Tent overnight

Available to book again in summer 2023!

Tentsile Tree tent accommodation next to a stone field

The Tentsile accommodation is located in the vicinity of an ancient stone field, in the embrace of a sheltering pine forest. While staying at the tree tent, you can almost hear the sound of the ancient ocean, the wide expanse of which surrounded the top of the Parra Hill thousands of years ago.

Stretched between three trees in a tree tent, you can easily experience the wonderful feel of nature with all your senses; you can watch the swaying trees and the open sky, listen to the birds singing and, above all, detach yourself from the tedium of everyday life.

Parran Luontolaituri has one Tentsile Flite accommodation. Tentsile Flite is an ideal accommodation for an memorable overnight stay for 1-2 people. Tentsile Flite tree tent is equipped with a mosquito net and a removable rain cover.

Tree tent bookers have the opportunity to use a nearby shed with firewood or the Red Cottage near the main building for cooking food.

Near the tent there is a wooden outhouse. In the main building there is a public WC which is open day and night.


The price includes a possibility to book a private shower turn. It can be booked by the Café-Restaurant Tiera's cash desk between 12 am and 9 pm (12.00-21.00).


A simple breakfast of sandwiches includes in the price as well. The breakfast will be served in the Red Cottage at 8:00-10:00. There will also be ingredients to make coffee or tea.

The price includes a pre-set tent. The price does not include a sleeping mat and a sleeping bag. Guests have to bring their own sleeping bags and mats.

Pets and smoking are not allowed in or in the immediate vicinity of the tree tent.

Reception by the restaurant's cash desk within its opening hours.

Booking starts at 2 pm (14.00)
Booking ends at 12 am (12.00)

When booking online, you'll get the receipt to your email immediately after the payment. You will also receive an email with more info about check-in amongst other things.

Do you wish to book Tentsile just for a short stay of few hours? Please choose the product "Tentsile Tree Tent, booking hourly".

Our Terms and Conditions can be found via the link on the bottom of this page.