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Parramaja's Hall

The renovated hall of Parramaja provides a beautiful setting for a meeting or party


The century-old log walls of Parramaja Hall create a special atmosphere. A large fireplace brings warmth and the large windows opening onto the tiny lake and the forest-covered slope give a beautiful view in all seasons.

The furniture in the hall has been completely renewed - now you can sit in comfortable groups of tables, some of whose chairs are padded, or in a group of sofas in front of the fireplace. The lamps in the high room have been carefully selected to give light suitable for the festive atmosphere. There are 60 seats in the hall.

From the hall there is also access to the terrace facing the tiny lake. The terrace is equipped with groups of tables and is used in warm seasons. There are 50 seats on the terrace.

It is possible to make a fire in the hall's fireplace, wood is included in the rental price.

There is plenty of parking space in Parramaja's yard, which is enough for the needs of even a larger event. Other premises in the courtyard are also available for rent, such as Nevala Hall and Parra Goahti.

In the summer, Parramaja's hall and terrace serve as Cafe-Restaurant Tiera's premises.


Many possibilities for organizing coffee or food service


Food and drinks are available for order at the Parramaja Hall. You can order it either from us or from another service provider. Please take notice, that the hall has an A-licence (is licensed to sell alcoholic drinks) so consuming own drinks that contain alcohol is not allowed there.

For the needs of a small event, the hall has a water tap, a coffee maker and a kettle, which are available to the renter.

Next to the hall is the restaurant's kitchen, which can be rented when renting the hall. The kitchen is spacious and well equipped. You can add the kitchen to your reservation under "Product options".


You can also rent saunas


When booking the Parramaja Hall, you can also book Parramaja's saunas.

The sauna room of the larger sauna area (sauna 2) fits about ten people at the same time. 

The sauna room of the smaller sauna area (sauna 1) fits 4-6 people at the same time. 

Both sauna rooms have their own dressing room, 3-4 showers and their own toilet.


You can add saunas to your reservation under "Product options".

Would you like to book the space for a longer period? You can also make a reservation by email or by calling. 

When you pay in the online store, you will receive a receipt in your email immediately after payment. As a separate email, we will send more information about, for example, handing over the key.

Our Terms and Conditions can be found via the link on the bottom of this page.