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Parran Luontolaituri was born out of two women's love of nature and their desire to better connect with the nature in their home, as well as the desire to offer unforgettable experiences in the embrace of ordinary Finnish nature.


We often find ourselves searching for some sense of well-being in our lives through external means, even though we know that meaningful well-being can only be achieved through personal experiences.


Our operations are guided by our shared values, where meeting people and succeeding in customer service are major factors. At Parran Luontolaituri, you will also meet many of our partners, with whom we have planned various activities which we feel are perfect for the Parra area. We conduct our business responsibly, respecting and listening to nature.


Parran Luontolaituri is located beside the Parra Hill, in Luonto-Parra, a five-minute drive from the center of Teuva and about an hour's drive from the nearest trainstation and airport.


The Parran Luontolaituri services include an atmospheric café-restaurant which favors local and fresh ingredients, where you can enjoy a variety of restaurant dishes and Café delicacies. There are also two saunas in the main building, the relaxing steam of which can be enjoyed even by a large group.


We hope you'll enjoy your stay in the area for a long time. Stay in a private rented cottage, in a caravan or in a glamping tent in the woods. The bravest patrons might want to sleep in a tentsile tree tent or a lean-to.


Parran Luontolaituri is well-suited for hosting various events. How would you like to have a party in a goahti or a wedding in a forest church?