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Parran Luontolaituri, HoviGlamping, Café-Restaurant Tiera

Parrantie 27, 64700 Teuva

On Google Maps

To reach Parra, you have to use a car, because there is no public transport available.


Advice for drivers using a navigator or Google Maps


When arriving, and using a navigator or Google Maps, it's possible that they may lead you to very narrow forest routes with no winter management.

There is a good and fast route to Parra through Teuva center. We recommend to first give the navigator or Google Maps address Orrentie 14, 64700 Teuva. This will bring you to Teuva center to a large yard of a grill-café. There you can change to Luontolaituri's address Parrantie 27, 64700 Teuva. 

Along road Orrentie also starts the marked route to Parra (see below).


Marked route for vehicles with height


Vehicles with a height more than 2,8 m have to follow the marked route to avoid a low railway track underpass.

The marked route begins at address Orrentie 25, 64700 Teuva.

The low railway track underpass is in the address Luovantie 164, so routes going via this are not suitable for vehicles with height.


Marked route on Google Maps

  • Red line: Road 67 – Snowpark Parra
  • Green line: Snowpark Parra – Luonto-Parra (Parran Luontolaituri, HoviGlamping, Café-Restaurant Tiera)