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Alkaen 5,00 € / 2 h
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Enjoy the varied views of Parra's nature by Nordic Walking - walking with poles!


The Parra fitness course goes up and down in the varied forest terrain of Parra Hill. A stone field, Parra's Lean-to and beach for swimming can be found along the track. With a small bend, you can climb to the top of Parra Hill and admire the landscape that opens up in all directions.

When traveling on a sawdust-soled track, the base is comfortably flexible for the foot. Even a larger group can move together on the wide path.

The track is five kilometers long, but the distance can be shortened by using connecting paths.


Rental trekking poles 

There are a total of 30 poles in different lengths. You can choose suitable poles according to your own length.

The rental period for trekking poles is 4 hours.

When booking online, you'll get the receipt to your email immediately after the payment. You can pick and return the poles by the restaurant's cash desk.

If you have booked and paid for the poles beforehand, but cannot use the rental time, we will return your payment if you cancel per email at least one hour before the starting time of your booking. If cancelled later, there will be no refunding.