TOVE Teuvalla -opera catering 3-11 August 2024

Welcome to the dining and intermission coffee services of Kulttuuritalo Orrela and the opera tent.

We offer you and your group the opportunity to enhance your cultural experience with our delicious and high-quality catering.

You can choose between dining before the opera performance and intermission refreshments in the same package, or just intermission refreshments.

For intermission refreshments, you can choose a delicious pastry or a small savory snack.

The opera tent, which is located in the church yard and in Kulttuuritalo Orrela has a cozy and atmospheric environment where you can enjoy your meal and intermission coffee break.

At Kulttuuritalo Orrela, your coffee break is topped off with a glass of sparkling wine!

So come and enjoy an unforgettable cultural moment in Teuva and indulge in delicious food and intermission coffee. Our catering will make your opera experience even more holistic and memorable.



Parran Luontolaiturin café-restaurant Tiera and the restaurant Ruokapirtti 67 are jointly responsible for the catering of the Tove Teuvalla opera in the opera tent located in Teuva church yard, as well as in Kulttuuritalo Orrela.

Important addresses

Teuva church, opera tent Porvarintie 44

Kulttuuritalo Orrela, Porvarintie 51

Tove Teuvalla opera is part of the Korsholma Music Festival.