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Caravan Parking in the heart of Nature

The Parra Caravan Parking is located in the courtyard of the Luonto-Parra area, surrounded by nature but right beside the services.


During the Autumn Season, from 15 August 2022

Caravan Parking works on a self-service basis. You can book and pay for a place in the online store, at an affordable autumn price. The restaurant is only open sometimes, but the Nevala Hall and Parra Goahti, for example, can be booked.

You can see the open services on the website.


Diversity of Nature

For those who enjoy the outdoors and the peace of nature, Parra is a great stopover. We wish you will enjoy the area even for a longer time.

You can feel the diversity of nature on the Muinaisvuori (Ancient Mountains) routes, which offer excellent hiking trails with lean-to shelters and wilderness huts. The hub of the route is located right in the heart of Luonto-Parra.