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HoviGlamping Parra Luxury Tent for 2 guests
HoviGlamping Parra: Tent 1
HoviGlamping Parra: Tent 2
HoviGlamping Parra: Tent 3 (pets welcome)
From €159.00 / d
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Available to book again in summer 2023!

Is the idea of ​​staying in a tent on a beautiful summer night tempting...

...but the idea of ​​a cramped sleeping bag on an uncomfortable base is an absolute no-no? No worries, you can have the same nature experience in our luxury tents.


Glamping comes from the words Glamorous and camping

In practice, this form of accommodation means a comfortable hotel-room-like stay in a tent! In other words, you wont have to give up on comfort while camping.


HoviGlamping Parra Luxury Tent, for two guests

This tent is thoughtfully decorated for leisurly couples or friends.


The Glamping area is located a little further from the main building and the courtyard, in a beautiful pine forest, within walking distance of the area’s amenities.


Near the tents there is a living pavilion and a wooden outhouse. In the main building there is a public WC which is open day and night.


The price includes a possibility to book a private shower turn. It can be booked by the Café-Restaurant Tiera's cash desk between 12 am and 9 pm (12.00-21.00).


A simple breakfast of sandwiches includes in the price as well. The breakfast will be served in the Red Cottage at 8:00-10:00. There will also be ingredients to make coffee or tea.

There are a total of three two-guest tents. Pets are also welcome in one of them (tent 3). In addition, there is one four-person tent in the area.


Reception by the restaurant's cash desk within its opening hours.

Booking starts at 2 pm (14.00)
Booking ends at 12 am (12.00)

You can also rent several tents for the same period. First select the dates and you will see the booking status. After that, select one tent at a time and add to the shopping cart. The tent already in your shopping cart is shown in red when you choose the next tent.

When booking online, you'll get the receipt to your email immediately after the payment. You will also receive an email with more info about check-in amongst other things.

Our Terms and Conditions can be found via the link on the bottom of this page.