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From €50.00 / 2 h
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Brand new Lakeside Sauna - welcome to the steam


The Lakeside Sauna is located right by the water, close to Café-Restaurant Tiera (Parramaja). A pier next to the sauna makes it easy to go for a swim in the ice cold water.

The sauna is warmed by firewood. You as a renter are responsible for heating the sauna. Instructions can be found at the sauna.

The sauna will take from half an hour to an hour to warm up.

The sauna benches fit about three people at a time. The Lakeside Sauna has its own dressing room with a sofa. The lawn before the sauna building is also a great place to cool down and relax.

The sauna stove heats up water for bathing. Cold water is available in a hydrant on the restaurant's wall, on the right side of the terrace. There is also a public WC in the same spot. 

When coming to enjoy the sauna, bring your own towels, swimming suit and shampoos. 

The minimum rental time is two hours.

Arrival instructions will be sent to your email after booking.

When making the payment online, you'll get the receipt to your email immediately after the payment. If not agreed otherwise, you can pick up the key to the sauna at restaurant's cash desk when your booked time is beginning.

Our Terms and Conditions can be found via the link on the bottom of this page.